Civil mechanical and electrical maintenance has been the corner stone of our company since our inception and continues be a core part of the business. We are highly proficient in the following works


* Repair of concrete and steel works
* Repair of roads
* Repair of drainage
* Refractory works
* Valve servicing and overhaul (Range of valves repair includes Control valves, Safety valves, Block and bleed valves, Diverter valves, Gate valves, Ball valves, etc.)
* Pump repair, servicing and overhaul
* Compressor repair, servicing and overhaul
* Mechanical seals refurbishment
* Machaining and workshop services
* Piping modification
* Leakage repair
* Steam systems upgrade
* Inspection of production/process facilities
* Heat Exchanger cleaning and re-tubing
* Servicing of electrical distribution systems
* Servicing of actuators
* Servicing/Calibration of meters and metering systems
* Servicing/Calibration of control valves
* Servicing/Calibration of PSVs
* Servicing of tank gauging systems
* Calibration of instruments (indicators and transmitters)
* Calibration of tanks
* UTM (Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement)

We are well equipped with certified calibration and test equipment that are traceable to NIST and other international standards. In addition, we are accredited by the local authorities (Weights & Measure, and Department of Petroleum Resources) to carry out these services in Nigeria.