We offer the following services:

* Form work and Reinforcement
* Concrete works (walkways and platform)
* Structural and Steel works (These include equipment foundations, structural frames and supports).
* Buildings
* Road and Drainage
* Piping
* Fabrication
* Construction and Assembling
* Marine Equipment Installation and maintenance, (This includes Tugboats Barges Vessels, pumps, valves, meters, etc.)
* Storage Farm Tanks
* Steam System
* Medium and Low Voltage Installation
* Equipment Installation
* Fire and Gas Detection Systems
* Remote Data gathering (Telemetry, SCADA/DCS)
* Emergency Shut Down (ESD) Systems
* Installation of Instrument/ Equipment’s (Electrical and Pneumatic)
* Micro Processor Based System

* Equipment installation cover such things as Transformers, Motors, Generators, Switch-gears, Control Panels, Micro-processor based systems, Earthling systems, Lightning Protection systems, Electrical distribution and reticulation and ESD Systems. We install all range of instruments (indicating and transmitting) such as Gauges (level, pressure, temperature, etc.), Meters, Provers, Control Valves, Process control systems, Valve actuators, Pneumatic systems, etc.